Grow Systems

At Green Thumb Hydroponics, we pride ourselves on finding the right products and the right solutions for you, and we do this through amazing customer support. We care about the results you get, just as much as you do, so when it comes to our customers getting the right tools, we are here to help guide you in the right direction.


Green Thumb Hydroponics has been in business over 14 years. We offer a complete line of hydroponic systems and all the supplies needed to build your own hydroponic grow system. Whether you want a drip system, ebb and flow system, aeroponic system, (DWC) deep water culture system or (NFT) nutrient film technique hydroponics system.

Grow lights are obviously critical to indoor hydroponic grow systems. So we'll be happy to show you how to select between HID lights such as (HPS) high pressure sodium and (MH) metel halide, LED, or Florescent Lighting.  Magnetic Ballasts or Electronic Ballasts, as well as complete lighting systems.

Grow Lighting

Hydroponic Brands

Of course, if you want a top quality hydroponic garden you have to go with the best hydroponic brands on the market. We carry all top Hydroponic supplies from HydroFarm, Sunlight Supply, Ultra Sun, Hortilux, Advanced Nutrients, Dutch Master,  Complete Hydroponics, Quantum, Kessil, Phantom, EcoPlus, Botanicare, General Hydroponics and many other well-respected hydroponics brands.

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